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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 4, 2009 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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>> from the ashes of tragedy, a promise was made. the wreckage of from 9/11. neilsean: bob mcdonnell beat crh deeds, and more importantly, independent voters went for barack obama, and they voted for mcdonnell. and the same thing was true in new jersey. independent voters favored chris christie over jon corzine by a two-one margin in new jersey, as well, and this should sound alarm bells, because that should reflect on president obama's
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performance and a resounding rejection of his agenda. but guess what? they think it was just great. nancy pelosi decided to block out these two losses and concentrate on the seat that the democrats picked up. >> we picked up one in california and one in new york. sean: wow, she sounds convincing, does she not? now, joining me more with what the republican victories mean for those states and america at large, newt gingrich joins me. you have to give her credit for trying, right? >> she has to try because she has a huge vote coming up, trying to pass the socialist health bill. i think on saturday. they are going to keep them in. she is desperate to get it through before the country rises in total rebellion against the house. the most dangerous thing for the democrats was that 85% of the
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voters in virginia and 90% of the voters in new jersey said they were worried about the economy. they were dissatisfied with it. now, one year after president obama was elected, promising real change. they tell you they do not think things are working really well, that is potentially an enormous mountain for democrats to climate in 2010. sean: the numbers really stood out to me -- an enormous mountain for democrats to climb. it was a 25-point swing in virginia. now, obama campaign in both states for but democratic candidates, nearly half a dozen times for john corzine -- for both the democratic candidates. he sent his team into up jon corzine campaign, so what do you think about it? >> i think when you are
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desperate, you do what desperate people do. if they had won these two races, they would have been out this morning dancing, singing it was an absolute affirmation of president obama -- saying it was an absence of affirmation of president obama. governor haley barbour said -- seeing it was an absolute affirmation -- saying that. he said it was his policies that were unpopular. jon corzine, of course, had been a terrible governor of new jersey and was in a deep hole. he outspent chris christie by a margin of 24 to 1, at $24 million was spent by jon corzine of his own money -- 24 to 1, and $24 million was spent by jon corzine. of course, when you get that kind of a blowout in virginia, all of this talk, by axelrod and
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others, that virginia was now a purple state, i think they have now washed all of the purple out and have gone back to being a solid republican state. sean: i think this was a total review of obama, the huge debt they were accumulating, a huge rebuked of obama gear -- i think this was a total rebuke of obama. howard dean had said the same thing. what does that say about the state of virginia? is that more important than new jersey, or are they equally important? >> i think they are equally important for a demographic reasons. new jersey is a much more democratic state. it is a much harder state for us to win, and, frankly, chris christie got four times the margin that another one got in 1993. people often ask me if this is a precursor to a 1994-style vote. these two victories in virginia
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and new jersey were much bigger than the victories we won in 1993, much more decisive, but there is something for people to note. bob mcdonnell is a solid conservative. but he campaigned endlessly in the suburbs and among african- americans, hispanic americans, asian americans. he consciously went out and campaigned to everyone in the state. he was not the opposition party. he was the better solutions alternative party. i think when his campaign and the chris christie campaign hardware republicans ought to look, because if we can put together the kind of coalitions they put together and put together the kind of positive ideas they had, we could make nancy pelosi leave and john boehner -- sean: i would like to see another contract with america, myself. i would like to see them say they will abandon all earmarks,
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be fiscally responsible, be the party of national security and free-market solutions for health care. i would like them to put their signature on a piece of paper. would that be a good idea to bring that back up? >> i think it would. michael steele, the chairman of the rnc, is working on a doctor. the house bill introduced by the house republicans and john boehner is a very, very good document -- michael steele is working on a doctrine. it does so in a way that would be good for america. it is a remarkable improvement over the monstrosity that pelosi has introduced, that "the wall street journal" has called the worst bill introduced in modern times. sean: the races will have an impact on this health-care debate, and the democrats are even talking about pushing this off until january. let me ask you about the new yorke 23rd.
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we got into this discussion a little bit earlier today, and you had endorsed the republican, the established republican, scozzafava in the new yorker 23rd district, and so many people wrote to me to say, "you have got to talk to your friend newt gingrich. he has endorsed the wrong candidate." i want to give you a chance to explain what you did. if you have regrets -- >> as you know, over the weekend, i addressed hoffman and were targeted other people too, because he was the only one who had a chance to win -- and worked hard to get other people to. it is clear in new york state's, the republicans have to get in
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the habit of coordinating with the conservatives -- it is clear in new york state. that is just an objective fact. and i deeply regret that we got into that kind of a mess, but as a long-term party leader who helped in 1980 with reagan in 1994 with the contract with america, i find it very hard to overruled 11 county chairmen who unanimously voted for her. i think the nomination was a mistake. i wish i had gotten involved earlier, and if i had, i would have to work hard to make sure that she was not picked, but she was in no way a loyal republican. sean: in some ways, do you think you were being put in a very difficult position? let me ask that another way. what about those people who have always liked newt gingrich who are angry with you right now about that particular support. >> i say they have a right to be
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angry. i took a position who really wants to fight the last marginal vote to make sure that nancy pelosi does not stay speaker, and once to find the last electoral votes to beat obama -- and wants to find the last electoral vote to beat obama. sean: ok, thank you. singing the praises of the anointed one, barack obama, in schools. and governor sarah palin on her brand new book. you will get to hear the former alaska governor open up about the race that made her a household name. she will be right here on "hannity" later in november, november 18.
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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute sean: and tonight in "your word america," going to great lengths to in doctrine your children -- into "your america." these have been uncovered by a website. here is a sample of some of the videos.
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♪ >> ♪ obama is fresh obama is cool ♪ sean: and joining me now is an author, michelle malkin. just imagine that this was george bush. imagine that this was george bush. what would the reaction be, michelle? >> it would be armageddon in the halls of the elite media offices
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and other places in d.c. back when president obama gave his speech to the nation's schoolchildren, i warned that the real problem was not with the boilerplate speech that he ended up delivering to those students. the real problem is the radicalization of the students, the youth of children across america, as junior lobbyists, and it goes on every day, and is when parents are least paying attention that this stuff goes on. i think you have to connect the dots and look at the ideological roots of how this happens, and the national education association is essentially a satellite of the democrats on the left, and many blogs pointed to a page on the nea site that recommends the radical marxist books for these teachers, and the slogan "agitate, educate,
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organized" is something they have adopted, and is a total waste of intellectual capital. -- it is a total waste of intellectual capital. instead of memorizing things about paul revere, they are doing this with president obama. sean: not mentioning god or allow any mention of religion, it almost seems like this bizarre form of worship of the president. do you see it that way? >> i certainly do. there are definitely issues here that raise questions about the separation of cults and state, and public schools have to be held accountable for this. i have a saying in my house, sean, and i have two kids, and they are nine and five and a half, and it is not anyone else
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that is responsible for them, and if you advocate the responsibility, this is exactly what you get. you can use it, too. sean: i kind of like it. czars are popular today. let me move on. if barack obama goes to new jersey and campaigns on the taxpayer dollars, he loses. if he goes to virginia, he loses. if he goes to copenhagen, he loses, but you do not hear about it in the media. what you often do is point out the media bias. how do you view this loss as far as barack obama goes >> it is a huge loss. the bloom is off of the rose -- as far as barack obama goes? >> it is a huge loss. the bloom is off of the rose. , you have not heard about it
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on the front page of "the new york times" -- you have not heard about it on the front page. even before the elections were in, they were telling us, dictating to us, that these elections meant nothing, absolutely nothing. sean: well, they meant something, because before the election, they were telling us that virginia was a bellwether state and that new jersey was key to the success of barack obama. do you think this movement, this tea party movement, the town hall movement, march on washington movement, do you think this energy will be sustained for a year and that this kind of energy will be seen one year from now in the 2010 midterms? >> i certainly do, and i know you have made 2010 a focus and making sure that conservative voices are heard. i have said not just about the new york 23 rates, but about the entire movement over the last
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eight or nine months -- about the 23 race, established republican leaders who betrayed their own principles and squandered the conservative base's money on radical leftists like dede scozzafava, that they are held to accountability, too. this is a very good object lesson. it was an expensive one, certainly, in new york 23, but with all due respect to our friend newt gingrich, he got it totally wrong. you got him to admit that he has some regrets, but we cannot afford to make these mistakes in the future. sean: in fairness to newt, we have to give credit to his past leadership and background, and i think he admitted denied this was not the right move.
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i am not -- i think he admitted tonight this was not the right move. i am not a republican. i am a reagan conservative. no pale pastels. low taxes, fiscal responsibility, strong national defense, energy independence, free-market solutions. if they do not support it, they will not get my support. i support conservative candidates with those values, and i am wondering what your thoughts are. >> that is right. it is not about paying lip service to those principles. it is about not capitulating i have to tell you, sean. i am getting tons of people rejecting their rnc solicitations forms, and i think that these republican organizations are going to start hurting in their coffers. they already have. unless they start changing their
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message pre-empt sean: we will put things on region unless they start stain -- unless they start changing their message. sean: we will put things on the website. i do not care if they are a republican. they will be a watered-down democrat, and i will not support them. thank you, michelle. coming up, opening doors to a reality television show. if you would think they had more pressing business to take care of over there, you would be wrong. wll tblar orvefse em ds e de l ng tigin
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sean: and tonight, in "hannity's america," one bad idea. we all know that last night was
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a rough night for the obama administration, but do you know that as the a election results were coming in, an episode of a reality show aired that had them at the white house, working in the vegetable garden alongside michelle obama and the white house chef. and a new abc drama seems to be taking a at obamamania -- taking aim at obamamania. offering a message of hope and compromise, and promising, you guessed it, universal health care. sound familiar? and the media? they loved this a new media. let's take a look at a few clips. >> i am not obsessive. >> really? this looks very obsessive to be. instant messages, and an entire amount of how to spread the message.
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>> just be sure not to ask anything that will paint as in the negative light. >> do not ask any questions that will portray us negatively. >> i swear i will be fair. >> you will need to be more than fair before you proceed. we cannot be seen in a negative flight. we want to provide complete medical services to wall. -- we cannot be seen in a negative light. >> you are talking universal health care. >> i believe that is what you are calling it, yes. sean: 53 american citizens were taken hostage by a group of islamic militants at the embassy in tehran, held for 144 days while president jimmy carter sat paralyzed in washington, d.c., and the ended up releasing the american hostages approximately 20 minutes after ronald reagan
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was sworn in as president. this anniversary is an especially sad one, because we are watching another president deal with the regime in tehran, and little has changed in that country. the leader was spurning several personal overtures from president obama, and he said that negotiating with the u.s. would be naïve, and he said that politicians should not be deceived into starting such talks. we can only hope that president obama does not repeat president carter's mistakes. and details continue to emerge that is the complete failure which is known as president obama's dinh il's plan. there are a number of job dropping projects funded by the stimulus -- known as president obama's stimulus plan. one study to find a radioactive
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rabbit droppings. over for a hundred thousand dollars to repair a wisconsin bridge that carries 10 or fewer cars a day. money to syracuse university to fund a study examining the sex lives of freshmen women, and one of my personal favorites, $6 million for a snow making facility in of all places, minnesota. it is projects like the ones i just mentioned that helped create or save over -- many jobs in the u.s., however, that numbers continued to draw criticism from the abn "the wall street journal." the white house was accused of overstating that number -- criticism from the ap and "the wall street journal." they also pointed out a series of glaring mistakes in the report. the jobs that the white house says was saved at a community action council, at the only problem was that only five under
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people actually work there -- and the only problem was that only 500 people actually worked there. they need to be more careful with how they spend your money. and that is the news from tonight's "hannity's america." and some headlines buried by the election news. it has some asking if the white house has lost the power of persuasion even in its own party. sandra smith and another guest will be here. at the scrubbing bubbles toilet division,
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sean: all right, lost in all of
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the excitement yesterday was some big news about the democratic health-care bill. democrats are once again pushing back their deadline for the health-care bill. first, it was their august recess, then thanksgiving, then the end of the year. remember this? >> we are right on track, and i am hopeful we will have a bill by thanksgiving. others say christmas. certainly, this year. >> now is the time to pass health care. it will not be next year or the year after that. now is the time to do it. sean: but now, sdemocrats say they will not have been done. they say they refuse to be bound to arbitrary timelines, and that is different because their main tactic has been to pressure congress to produce a bill by,
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you guessed it, by binding its members to arbitrary timelines, so what is going on? why so much trouble with the issue? joining me is sandra smith with a fox business network and nicolle wallace. i would push it back to 2019, but what are they pushing it back? they have control of the house and the senate. >> i would love to believe that they have come to their senses and that they understand that the american people do not want this bill, people actually know enough about it that they have rejected it, but the truth is they cannot pull their own party around this. sean: the point is, they always want to blame republicans and constantly blames republicans, but they have control of both houses. >> and now they say this will not go through by the end of the year, so you have the democrats divided on it, and you are
9:35 pm
right. the election last night, the american voters are speaking. they are showing what their primary concern is, and is on the economy, keeping a dollar in their pocket and keeping their jobs -- and it is on the economy. sean: all right, and congresswoman announced on this program last friday that at noon tomorrow -- a congressman announced on this program last friday -- and by the way -- a congresswoman made an announcement on this program. we will have full coverage on the program tomorrow night. but they are going to walk into the capital and confront congressmen and senators. will that have an effect? >> you have to hope so. if they do not listen to the voters and look at last night as a canary in the mine, they have a whole lot to be careful about.
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>> they have got to walk in there and demands, how much is this going to cost? who is going to benefit -- they need to walk in there and demand how much is this going to cost? this is why senator harry reid cannot get this thing through. he does not know. he has not gotten this thing from the cbo yet. sean: how impactful will last night's election speech to the blue dog democrats -- election be to the blue dog democrats? >> president obama is supposed to be the leader here. he is supposed to show the way. he has not shown it with what he campaigned on and what he is now trying to fight for, and he is not showing any leadership, and he is losing the battle. >> independents are walking or
9:37 pm
running away from what has now been, to be known as the obama democratic party, which in what has come to be known as the obama democratic party -- they are walking or running away from what has now become known as the obama democratic party. the generational theft that took place in the stimulus bill and their inability to adapt to voters sentiment -- sean: obama has almost state his entire presidency on getting this bill passed. he is not going to back down. nancy pelosi and harry reid are not going to back down. what can the blue dogs do? "we will campaign for you. we will raise money for you. we will spend taxpayer money. we will build that bridge that you want." will that be effective? >> i think that the old ways of doing business, that is what obama ran against, so i think it
9:38 pm
will be very interesting to watch him not just twist arms. this is the first time we will see the real chicago politician come out in barack obama. >> that is the scariest thing for people out there, that they are willing to do anything just to get something passed. they are not giving us an efficient, clear path, the answer to our health-care problem, and people are seeing that. sean: i will give bill clinton some credit. after the health-care debacle, it became the end of welfare as we knew it, the era of big government over, and there is no evidence that this president or speaker or majority leader has any inclination to other than to remain ideological. there does not seem to be any pragmatic side to them. >> anyone who goes to the doctor and says, "what do you think of
9:39 pm
the health-care debate," they can get an answer that unless you are doing tort reform or getting rid of frivolous lawsuits, you are really not talking about of health care reform. sean: you are right. is this thing going down in defeat? or do people really need to remain energized and focus? will be blue dogs walked the plank for harry reid and nancy pelosi -- will the blue dogs walk the plank? >> everyone was charged, and then it was labor day and as the days go by, it will change. sean: it is more difficult to pass? that is great news for our wallets and for health care. we have the greatest health-care system. guys, thank you. and let not your heart be
9:40 pm
troubled. when we come back, the great, great american panel.
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sean: and tonight, on our great, great american panel, ralph reed was back with us. democratic strategists steve murphy joins us, and alison rosen is with us. i know you had a tough night last night -- democratic strategist steve murphy joins us. with new technology and the advancement of new medical technology, it is fascinating when you see that heartbeat at 18 days and the development of a fetus, it is pretty remarkable about what we have learned about when life begins.
9:45 pm
after watching an abortion ultrasounds, let's show you this video. >> -- an abortion ultrasound. >> i feel so pure and hard. i do not have this deal or burden on me anymore, -- i feel so pure at heart. i do not have this guilt or burden on me anymore. sean: technology would change people's hearts. this is an example. she joined eight pro-life group after that. >> -- she joined a pro-life group after that. >> i was born six weeks premature, and it is very personal for me, and i was able to watch my children on this technology, and this is why we support the women's right to know laws. we do not think they should be manipulated in any way. they should have all of the
9:46 pm
information, and this is an example of a change. we will have disputes and legislative battles, and that is part of a free society, but what is ultimately that is going to win this -- what is ultimately going to be what changes this is back. sean: i am pro-choice in people's rights to bear arms. for example, if you choose to get in the car with someone, you choose to get in it and make out with someone and take off an article of clothing, and you know where i am going with this, but there are a lot of decisions that lead to someone getting pregnant. >> it does not change my heart, sean, because being pro-choice, not pro-abortion, pro-choice is not the same. it is not being morally neutral about abortions. i am opposed to abortion, and
9:47 pm
most people are. in almost every circumstance, i think it is wrong. i think it is terrible that we have this many abortions. it is just a question about whether a woman is going to make a decision or if the government is. sean: your point is that the government has no right to be in the business, period? some two days before her due date, she should be able to choose? >> under current law, that is not right. sean: under the partial abortion law, it is legal. where do you draw the line? >> morally, i would draw the line of long time before then. we do not have elective abortions like that. sean: what if you have the ability to preserve a life three weeks after conception? outside of the womb.
9:48 pm
>> i do not believe that a viable fetus is should be aborted. -- fetuses should be aborted. >> it is such an emotional issue, but i still support the right of other people to have them. sean: two days before your due date, can you have one? >> no. sean: and it happens. it is partial. do you know what happens in a partial procedure? you know what happens? they actually insert scissors. the child is halfway born, and they suction out the brain. ralph? >> again, i think that this very discussion is demonstrating why the american people support by an overwhelming majority common- sense restrictions on abortion.
9:49 pm
60% plus favor parental notification and consent, and right now, i know you know this, sean, because you have reported on it. for the first time in 20 years, according to a poll, many say that they want to have abortions in only the cases of rape and some others. the technology is moving in this direction, and i think that is where we are headed. >> there are more people opposed to abortion today than has been in the not too distant past, 10 or 15 years ago, and it is for the reason you said. young people today are raised to practice safe sex. they understand the dangers of aids and other sexually transmitted diseases. let me finish, sean. so they think of an elective abortion as a means of birth control is wrong. but that is different from
9:50 pm
saying it is illegal. >> i agree that that is different from it being illegal. there are so many people who are torn up inside upon seeing this video, and you can feel is wrong and still make a different decision. sean: i will let murphy off of the last night. you deserve what is coming up in the next segment. all right? you deserve it. stay tuned. more with our great, great american panel.
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sean: and we continue now with our great american panel. look, i said last nine gubernatorial elections, a 20- point swing in one year -- i
9:55 pm
said last night's gubernatorial elections, a political earthquake. ralph, i think this is going to have a radical effect on the entire socialist obama agenda. thoughts? >> no question about it, sean. i think there were two danger signs. the first is is that the independents were gone, and i do not think they are coming back. in new jersey in a three-way race, chris christie carried 58% of the vote, an incumbent only 30%. they are not coming back because they are concerned about the deficit, concerned about health care. the second thing is that the conservative constituency, which the media and others have written off as dead, in virginia, 34% of all of the vote
9:56 pm
goes who were in the darkness of the voting booths, they voted only 70% for creigh deeds. -- only 17% for creigh deeds. sean: he has got a 23 tattoo on his forehead. you have got to admit that when jon corzine loses as bad as he did in a state that obama won by so much, when virginia turns from a seven-point obama leave state to an 18-point victory for bob -- a seven-point obama lead state to an 18-point victory for bob mcdonnell --
9:57 pm
>> they are disheartening losses, but they are local losses. two congressional races. they put the entire force behind hoffman, and they thought they had one. they want somebody moderate, so they lost. sean: in new jersey, the bluest of blue states, this was a massacre. >> many said that their votes did not have to do with obama. sean: do you believe that? >> i think it is less a partisan issue in these states than it is that people are voting against the status quo. sean: why do not you and steve continue this absurd analysis -- >> it means that you can get across the head with a mallet
9:58 pm
and still not know what is going on. >> all of the voters in virginia were trying to send a message to washington. who is running washington? nancy pelosi and harry reid and barack obama. you do not send the president of the united states to new jersey six times, two stops on the sunday before the election, and it is a flat liner -- flatliner. sean: it did not help out in copenhagen or new jersey. >> i do not know how much i agree exactly with what he is saying, but i do think that we have and promised a lot of things that have not come about at all, if something does not change -- that we have been promised a lot of things that have not come about at all, and if something does not change -- sean: i think they have
9:59 pm
overreached, and i think that they are tone deaf. lashing out at town haulerllersd fox news -- >> i would stick with the insurance industry, if i were them. the health-care debate is a question about whether you are going to let the insurance industry continue to do what they have been doing. sean: i say that will backfire. >> it will definitely backfire. >> i will say this, after tuesday, all bets are off, and even harry reid says we will not have a vote until next year. sean: that is all the time we have left this evening. as